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The Florida Cancer Registrars Association (FCRA) is a non-profit professional organization that has been representing Florida Cancer Registrars for over 30 years. FCRA is dedicated to "Fighting Cancer with Reliable and Accurate Information" and is known as a standard setter with the development of educational workshops, annual continuing education meetings and advanced professional training for those taking the Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) exam. The CTR exam is a certification method for our profession.

FCRA "SunTimes"


The SunTimes is an FCRA Publication offered quarterly to its members. We encourage you to review it and participate in its publication. Get your copy today!

FCRA-FCDS Task Force

FCRA-FCDS TaskForceThe purpose of the Task-Force is to allow for an easy method of communicating various issues at both the Cancer Registrars and Central Registry level. The imitative of the Task-Force is to tackle problems such as issue resolution, improvement of processes (with the hope of increasing efficiency), and assist in identifying areas of educational needs. You can reach the Task-Force by clicking the above banner or e-mail direct at taskforce@fcra.org.

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