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A Cancer Registrar is ...

At the core of the nation’s anti-cancer efforts, cancer registrars are data collection and management experts with the training, specialized skills, and an eye for detail to provide the high quality data required in all avenues of cancer statistics and research.

Cancer registrars work closely with physicians, health care administrators and planners, and researchers, to serve as a valuable resource for cancer information with the ultimate goal of preventing and controlling cancer. The primary responsibility of the cancer registrar is to ensure that timely, accurate, and complete data is incorporated and maintained on all types of cancer diagnosed and/or treated within the United States. They also monitor quality of care and clinical practice guidelines, assess patterns of care, and monitor adverse outcomes including mortality and co-morbidity.

Continuing education and training is critical to keeping Registrars abreast of new developments in the field of oncology and cancer registry data management, continuously enhancing the registrar's knowledge and skills.

The Florida Cancer Registrars Association
(FCRA) is...

A non-profit professional organization that has been representing Florida Cancer Registrars for over 30 years. FCRA is dedicated to "Fighting Cancer with Reliable and Accurate Information" and is known as a standard setter with the development of educational workshops, annual continuing education conferences and other educational materials

The FCRA Education Foundation is. .

A vehicle to build much needed funding to support education of Cancer Registrars to ensure that the quality of the cancer data collection and analysis will continuously improve through the education in Cancer Registry Management and its evolving practice.

The FCRA Education Foundation is. . .

A public charity with the sole purpose of encouraging the advancement of data quality in cancer research through direct support of Cancer Registrar education.

The FCRA Education Foundation is. . .

An essential partner for the prevention, research and cure of cancer. The Foundation supports its mission by assuring education, training and resources for Cancer Registry professionals in order to provide quality data.

The FCRA Education Foundation is. . .

A non- profit 501(c)(3) organization with the mission of "supporting the advancement of the Cancer Registry profession through education and research."

How You Can Help. . .

In 2009, Gift for Education was created to provide a way to raise money for the FCRA Educational Foundation under the exempt status. This is an effort to ensure the registrars in collaboration with the State association, that the quality of the data collection and analysis will continuously improve. This can happen through the education in Cancer Registry Management and its evolving practice.


This is a unique way to honor special persons and affairs while making a contribution to support the FCRA Education Foundation. All donations will be recognized on the FCRA Education Foundation website and published in the FCRA Newsletter, The SunTimes. The amount of your gift is never mentioned to the individual or family you have honored. In addition, your recipient will receive acknowledgment of your kind donation. Gift for Education donations are tax deductible.
Florida Cancer Registrars Education Foundation Board Members

President- Gayle Clutter, RT, CTR
Treasurer- Martha Oliva, CTR
Secretary- Jamie Suarez, RHIT, CTR
Barbara Dearmon, BS, CTR

FCRA - Mission Statement
  • Promote research and education in Tumor Registry Administration in order to offer greater services to the cancer patient
  • Raise the level of knowledge and performance of Tumor Registrars through continuing education.
  • Disseminate information to members of the association regarding current activities, research and trends in the cancer field.
  • Initiate and or participate in programs to improve and standardize the compiling of Tumor Registry information.
  • Assist in seeking solutions to mutual Registry problems.

FCRA-FCDS Task Force


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