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Fifth Edition

Professional Review for Cancer Registrars
The Fifth Edition of the FCRA Professional Review for Cancer Registrars -- NOW AVAILABLE AT THE NCRA ONLINE STORE! This publication includes current FORDS and ICD-O applications.



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AJCC Cancer Staging Manual
Edge, S.B.; Byrd, D.R.; Compton, C.C.; Fritz, A.G.; Greene, F.L.; Trotti, A. (Eds.)

The Seventh Edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual brings together all the currently available information on staging of cancer at various anatomic sites and incorporates newly acquired knowledge on the etiology and pathology of cancer. The current revision provides evidence-based staging based upon the established tenets of TNM classification supplemented by selected molecular markers. Relevant markers supported by evidence and of sufficient impact for treatment decisions have been included to define stage, for example Gleason’s Score and PSA in prostate cancer. A CD-ROM packaged with each Manual contains printable Staging Forms.

Seventh Edition
2010, X, 646 p. 130 illus. With CD-ROM., Softcover

Cost: $64.95
ISBN: 978-0-387-88440-0


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AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook
From the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual
Edge, S.B.; Byrd, D.R.; Compton, C.C.; Fritz, A.G.; Greene, F.L.; Trotti, A. (Eds.)

From the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual prepared by the American Joint Committee on Cancer, the AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook contains the complete text of the Manual conveniently sized to fit in the pocket of a lab coat for complete portability.*

*Cancer Staging Forms may be found at the end of every chapter in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual.

Seventh Edition
2010, XIV, 730 p. 130 illus., Softcover

Cost: $44.95
ISBN: 978-0-387-88442-4


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Third Edition


ICD-O (International Classification of Diseases for Oncology)
Now in its third edition, the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O) has been used for nearly 25 years as the standard tool for coding diagnoses of neoplasms in tumour and cancer registrars and in pathology laboratories.

Third Edition - English
Percy, C., Fritz, A, Jack, A., Shanmugarathan, S., Sobin, L., Parkin, D.M., Whelan, S.

Nonserial Publication
240 pages

Cost: $54.00
ISBN: 92-4-154534-8

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Workbook for Staging of Cancer
Edited by Dianne V. Hultstrom, RHIT, CTR and April G. Fritz, RHIT, CTR. Developed to provide Cancer Registrars, Physicians, and other health professionals with a tool to learn the concepts of Tumor-Node-Metastasis (TNM) staging and apply them in a consistent manner. This Workbook contains background information on the American Joint Committee on Cancer and the principles of TNM staging, as well as an overview of the staging process.

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Second Edition

Available Now!


Cancer Registry Management Principles & Practice

Second Editon
Thirty seven chapters addressing all areas of cancer registration, meeting the demands for registrars employed in hospital-based, free-standing facilities and central registries. Both the clinical and administrative aspects of the acquisition and dissemination of cancer information are addressed.

By Carol L. Hutchison, Herman R. Menck, Mindy Burch, Roanne Gottschalk.

Cost: $89.95

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ISBN: 0-7575-0192-3

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The Cancer Registry CASEbook:
Coding, Abstracting, Staging and Exercises

The Cancer Registry CASEbook is an important reference for both beginner and seasoned registrars. The 394-page CASEbook includes introductory chapters on ICD-O-3, TNM, Summary Staging, Collaborative Staging, and the 2007 Multiple Primary and Histology Coding Rules.

By AFritz and Associates, LLC.

Cost: $60.00

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