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FCRA is proud to offer materials and or links to educational text books, work books, brochures, and other FCRA merchandise. Please review the merchandise shown and select the materials desired. Links are provided for merchandise available only through outside sources.

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alt The Official FCRA Lapel Pin
Developed in recent years, the FCRA Pin represents our organization’s commitment to professionalism and quality in the field of cancer research throughout the State of Florida and the nation. Order yours today! The pin is available FREE with New Membership, or you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.
Cost: $10 Donation


FCRA "SunTimes"

SunTimes Bottom 2018 Q2

The SunTimes is an FCRA Publication offered quarterly to its members. We encourage you to review it and participate in its publication. Get your copy today!

National Cancer Registrars Week

ncrw banner 2018

Governer Rick Scott of Florida honors Cancer Registrars everywhere. Click here for the proclamation!

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