As an employer or advertiser, there are several ways you can reach our very targeted, specific audience:

1) Advertising and Postings on our "FCRA Job Bank".

Click here to view the FCRA Job Bank, register as an employer and submit your available positions!  There are several different plans to choose from, so look around, .... we know you'll like what you see!  One other thing .... in today's "portable age", you as an employer will be happy to know that there is also a completely iPhone-compatable version of the website.   Visit with your iPhone and the Website automatically loads the iphone version.  We can also do banner advertising on the Job Bank, so contact us soon, the space goes quickly!

2) Banner Advertising on our website

Advertisers ... have you thought of a banner ad on our site?  We can put your banner in a rotation, we can feature it on a specific page, we can show it only for a specified time-frame .... You name it, we can do it.   Just sign up, and send us your image.   We can also track all views and clicks so you can see how it's doing!  We are running INTRODUCTORY RATES on our Banner Advertising during our website launch --- So sign up now, and be one of the first to advertise on our new website!

For information on placing banner advertisements on the FCRA website, please CLICK HERE!

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