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The Florida Tumor Registrars Association (FTRA) was founded in 1975 and chartered in 1978.  We celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary at the 2003 Annual Meeting which was held in Clearwater. In the coming months we will be reviewing our history and providing you with highlights of the past 30 years.

First and foremost, how did we get started? John Regan, supervisor of the Cancer Control Program, Department of Health and Rehabilitation, State of Florida, was active with the establishment of the National Tumor Registrars Association.  He thought that the registrars in the Florida might be interested in forming a local organization and he contacted various people in that regard...

Florida Tumor Registrars Association LogoA group was formed and the first meeting was held at the Royal Inn, Lake Buena Vista, Fl on June 12 & 13th, 1975. Bylaws were adopted at the meeting. The organization was officially chartered three years later in 1978. John Regan, who was instrumental in organizing FTRA, outlined in a memo dated May 1976 to Florida Registry Program Personnel the purpose of the FTRA as listed below.

These five statements seem to be as valid today as they were twenty-five years ago.

  1. Promote research and education in Tumor Registry Administration to offer greater services to the cancer patient.
  2. Raise the level of knowledge and performance of Tumor Registrars through continuing education.
  3. Disseminate information to members of the association regarding current activities, research and trends in the cancer field.
  4. Initiate and or participate in programs to improve and standardize the compling of Tumor Registry information.
  5. Assist in seeking solutions to mutual Registry problems.

Other Notables
In 1981 at an Executive Committee Meeting there was discussion regarding the establishment of a State Tumor Registrars' Day.  By August of 1983 at the annual meeting it was announced that President Elect Loretta Pate had been successful in getting Governor Bob Graham to declare a day for tumor registrars.  The first Tumor Registrars' Day was October 4, 1983 and for five years continued in October.  In 1989 the day was moved to April and by 1992 it became Tumor Registrars' Week.

In 1976 a contest was held to design a logo for FTRA. The minutes for the first few years were not preserved so we do not have a record of the winner. The winning logo was described as "The rising sun illuminates the ray of hope, in the form of the staff of Aesculapius, emerging from the bed of knowledge, thru the sea of life, furthering cancer research

"When the FTRA was first organized it was decided to charge $2.00 yearly for dues for an active member.  The total amount in our treasury at that time was $116.50.  Seven years later in 1985 our dues had risen to $15. yearly.  Within a half dozen years there was another jump to $25. The good news is that during the last sixteen years the dues have remained the same, $25."  Due to the overwhelming cost of operations in 2013 membership dues took another increase to $50.00 yearly.
~ Janice Fuller, LPN, RHIT, CTR       
FCRA  Historian

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